The Best Way To Wash Baby Clothes

Main steps

  • Leave before you wash the baby clothes, the washing machine running a hot wash to thoroughly clean both the drum and the filter.
  • The hotter you wash the clothes, the cleaner it is, but always read the washing instructions on the garment for advice.
  • Iron the clothes after washing and drying to kill remaining bacteria and prevent irritation of baby’s skin.
  • For optimum protection and care of the small baby skin, use mild products Neutral baby care line.

As in adults, the baby’s skin consists of three layers, but in newborns the top layer is very thin and vulnerable. This may become easily irritated skin if it comes into contact with dirt or bacteria. To avoid this it is important that your new baby clothes always washes in advance. The clothes have not only a long time located in the store, but also contain chemicals like chlorine and pesticides used during production. Remove these substances and bacteria before using to wash all clothes carefully. (more…)

Tips For Choosing The Best Baby Mattress

When we are parents, we wish the best for her baby! When the time comes to choose the best baby mattress on which, day and night, baby will sleep on average 16 hours a day, you wonder and it is natural. How to combine comfort, safety, hygiene and well-being, while taking account of budget constraints?

A crib mattress for perfectly secure sleeping


This first point is essential. It is important to select a crib mattress on which to sleep and move safely. This means, first of all, a suitable mattress for the bed and not a mattress too small to prevent the baby from slipping or getting caught in the gap between the bed and the bed structure. The conventional dimensions for a crib mattress are 60x120cm or 70x140cm for a cot, and 33x72cm for a crib. (more…)

What To Look Over When Comparing Pregnancy Pillows

Not only is it important to know what kind of pregnancy pillow suits you, but there are also other things that play.


What is the filling of the nursing pillow?

There are different kinds of stuffing used by manufacturers to make as comfortable and supportive as possible the nursing pillow:

Styrofoam balls

You know them, those little white balls that are also in a beanbag. These are Styrofoam balls. These shots are mainly found in the cheaper food pillows. The power supply pads adapt quickly through the styrofoam balls to your body and body posture. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to the polystyrene balls. For noise-sensitive mama: they make some noise when you move or turn around. Also paste the shots after a lot of use to each other, making the cushion quickly loses shape and support. Not just stick the balls to each other, but they are also charged with static electricity by friction.

Polyester filling

Polyester fibers are also commonly used in the ordinary pillows. It is often mixed with cotton to get a kind of wooly substance. It is soft and … does not sound! The composition of polyester ensures that the dust little crease and firm to the touch. This is dependent on some polyester fibers in the nursing pillow. Polyester is very popular with the moms but also has a downside. Polyester does not breathe like other types of fill (blown sweating). (more…)