PLTA Salad

P=prosciutto, L=lettuce, T=tomato, and A=avocado. Yep, like a BLT but different. The addition of avocado makes (almost) everything taste better, and if you have yet to convert from bacon to prosciutto, it’s high time you did. Prosciutto is a thinly sliced Italian dry-cured ham. You can eat it uncooked, right out of the package, but for this recipe, I pan fry it, just as you would bacon. This gives it a nice, crunchy texture. The flavor is similar to bacon, but without all the added artificial flavors usually found in bacon. It is also less fatty.

If you’re in a hurry, you can use store-bought salad dressing. I’m not a Ranch fan, though it would be okay. I prefer a vinaigrette. The recipe for my White Wine and Herb Vinaigrette is below. It’s akin to an Italian Vinaigrette, and goes well with this salad. Unlike Ranch, it won’t weigh down and drown out the flavors of the greens or avocado, and yet it’s plenty flavorful enough in and of itself.

prosciutto salad

Hubby and I ate this salad as a main dish, along with a loaf of Rosemary Garlic Bread, and a glass of Kestrel’s Mourvedre. Perfect meal for a warm summer night on the patio… or even a cool, rainy night at the kitchen table working on a puzzle…

If you like this recipe, try PLTA Croissant Sandwiches. (more…)

Poblano Boats

If you love stuffed chiles, but don’t like all the work involved, this recipe is for you. I don’t bother roasting and peeling the chiles, and then stuffing them full of yummy goodness. I simply cut the top off, cut a slit down the center, deseed it, stuff it, and bake it. It doesn’t quite have the same flavor as a roasted and peeled chile, because the skin gives it a slight–very slight—bell pepper taste. If you don’t like bell peppers, you’re welcome to go through all the extra steps of roasting. But for the amount of time and hassle you’ll save skipping it, I think you’ll still love these, and be able to make them for dinner in a snap.

Poblano chiles are not mouth-burning hot, either. Especially if you deseed and devein them. Some are warmer than others, but the batch I made were completely heatless. If you get a chile that lacks the heat you’re looking for, add the seeds and veins into the stuffing mixture. It should pep it right up! The chorizo this recipe calls for also adds some spice, not to mention plenty of flavor.

As usual, I do not measure. I can offer approximates, but please feel free to adjust up or down depending on your personal tastes.

Poblano Boats



Complete Protein Veggie Burritos

While I am not a vegetarian, I am conscious of how much meat I eat. I generally plan half of our meals with meat, and half without. Not only is this easier on the budget, it is, in my opinion, healthier for the body and the environment. Since my husband’s job is very physical, I also try to make lunches that are high in protein. This balancing act led to me these Complete Protein Veggie Burritos. A complete protein is a protein that consists of all 12 amino acids. To get a complete protein from food other than meat, you have to combine foods. This recipe combines beans, brown rice, and corn. Super simple and easy, and the burritos last all week for lunches. (Keep half in the freezer and pull out as needed.)

Complete Protein Veggie Burritos

Cooking notes:

I added plenty of red chile and chipotle, but you can make it as spicy or as mild as you like. I also added about ½ cup provolone cheese for flavor and texture. If you’re vegan, simply omit this, or try sweet potatoes if you miss the creaminess of the cheese. (more…)