How To Make The Best Homemade Pizza Recipe

Despite the fact that pizza is a traditional Italian dish, it managed to firmly enter the. Today without pizza it’s hard to imagine a hearty breakfast, a youth party, a quick snack, a picnic in nature or a friendly get-together in a big company. If initially pizza was considered a food for the poor, then for today it is a dish that is eaten with equal pleasure by ordinary housewives as well as millionaires.

You can order ready-made pizza in a cafe or buy it in a supermarket, but there’s nothing tastier than a homemade pizza cooked by yourself. Classical Italian pizza has a thin crust and a juicy filling. The main ingredients of this dish include tomato sauce and cheese, and the remaining ingredients – mushrooms, meat, ham or seafood – are added at will.

To ensure that the result is not overshadowed by your expectations, you should remember the basic rules for making authentic Italian pizza. Pizza dough should be prepared well in advance so that it can climb well. A longer fermentation time helps the test to increase in volume, and also makes it taste sweeter. To knead the dough should not be treated with fanaticism: this must be done only until it reaches the required consistency – it will cease to be sticky and will stretch well. Excessive kneading of the dough can lead to the fact that the finished pizza will be very fragile. Continue reading “How To Make The Best Homemade Pizza Recipe”