Inflatable Air Lounge Buying Guides

There are numerous inflatable hammock brands with thousands of models in the market. All of us want to buy the product with the highest quality that worth our hard-earned money. Therefore, we have to think carefully before buying an inflatable air lounge. In fact, there are 6 factors that we should take into consideration.

The Inflating Process

One of the best benefits of inflatable air lounge is ease to use, so no one want to spend a lot of time and effort just for setting up. Therefore, you should check the inflating process of an inflatable air lounge before buying: how long it will take, it’s easy to inflate or not… Besides, it’s better to choose the product that can be inflated without a pump because it would add extra weight to your belongings.

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Of course, an air lounge can’t be use without being inflated. However, there is no inflatable air lounge could keep the entire amount of air for days, the air will gradually get out and you have to refill. The longevity of inflatable air lounge varies widely from a few hours up to 10 hours. Obvious, everyone wants more hours of longevity so they can fully enjoy relaxing on the lounge for longer time. So it’s always better to choose the air lounge that can remain inflated for several hours.


Inflatable air lounge are used outdoor and there would be some occasions that you have to carry it along to a place outside. Therefore, portability is needed so the lounge can be transported without any difficulty. It’s recommended to choose inflatable air lounge with small compact size and light weight. Besides, most manufacturer are providing customer with a free carrying bag, so you should ask for it when purchasing.


Material is a decisive factor on the durability, weight and comfort of inflatable air lounge. Hence, you should pay extra attention to its material. You have to check if the material is comfortable, water resistant, tear resistance or strong enough to support heavy duty. Besides, it’s better to choose the material that is easily to clean.

Customer Reviews

Referring to opinion of the others who have used the product would give you better and more objective view on the products. There are many things you couldn’t know even if you have already checked, touched and tested the products at the store, especially with a product used outdoor like inflatable air lounge. It doesn’t take you a lot of time and effort to find numerous products reviews, ratings, comparisons regarding inflatable air lounges on the internet or some magazines. The more you know, the better decision you could make.


Budget is always a difficult problem. Of course, everyone wants to buy products with top-notch quality but most of high-quality ones are pricey. The solution is that you have to think carefully of what your requirements are, if you really need the extra features of some expensive inflatable air lounge or not and then find an affordable product that could fulfill most of your requirements.

Actually, it’s not difficult to choose a good inflatable air lounge for your camping trips. If you pay attention to the 6 factors above carefully enough; you could get a satisfactory product.

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