The Best Way To Wash Baby Clothes

Main steps

  • Leave before you wash the baby clothes, the washing machine running a hot wash to thoroughly clean both the drum and the filter.
  • The hotter you wash the clothes, the cleaner it is, but always read the washing instructions on the garment for advice.
  • Iron the clothes after washing and drying to kill remaining bacteria and prevent irritation of baby’s skin.
  • For optimum protection and care of the small baby skin, use mild products Neutral baby care line.

As in adults, the baby’s skin consists of three layers, but in newborns the top layer is very thin and vulnerable. This may become easily irritated skin if it comes into contact with dirt or bacteria. To avoid this it is important that your new baby clothes always washes in advance. The clothes have not only a long time located in the store, but also contain chemicals like chlorine and pesticides used during production. Remove these substances and bacteria before using to wash all clothes carefully.

Baby clothes washing for the first time: Seven Tips

Best Baby Laundry Detergents

If you’ve planned you get to wash all the baby clothes, it’s good to know where you are now to watch exactly. Which baby laundry detergent you can use? How many degrees you have to wash your clothes? And how can the clothes to dry the best?

  1. Clean the washer: First, create the washer clean by running an empty washing machine at 90 degrees. This ‘hot wash’ remaining dirt is dissolved and the drum cleaned.
  2. Correct temperature: Refer to the washing instructions on the garment to determine how many degrees you have to wash the clothes. The hotter it was, the greater the chance that the bacteria are slain, but you obviously do not want to shrink the clothes. No washing instructions? Then 30 degrees the safest choice.
  3. Not too full: To make sure that no soap residue is left in the clothes – it can also cause irritation – it is wise not to stop overfill the drum.
  4. Liquid (baby) detergent: The use of liquid detergent instead of washing powder reduces the risk of soap residue on the clothes.
  5. Not too much: Never use too much detergent when washing baby clothes. Always follow the dosage indicated on the packaging.
  6. No dryer: Put the clothes never dry, this can ensure that shrinks clothing. Hang the clothes inside out on the clothesline. This will prevent discoloring the clothing and will therefore last longer.
  7. Iron: It may seem exaggerated, but the clothes after washing and drying, ironing you really know for sure that no bacteria remain more. Seating inside the clothes to keep the beautiful exterior.

Which detergent for baby clothes?

To protect delicate baby skin, it is important to use a kind of baby laundry detergent that has been tested pH-neutral and dermatologically. Do not know what good detergent for babies is suitable? Think about the options with high skin tolerance and a low dose of perfume they are extremely suitable for washing baby clothes. While it may seem unnecessary to wash new clothes, is to protect the delicate skin of babies is important that you do this carefully. And once you know what to look exactly, will take the little extra time.

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