How To Choose The Softball Catchers Gear

The catcher position is one of the most physically demanding in the inner field. Not only must the catcher be in an uncomfortable squat position, he also finds himself in the shooting line of a fast-paced ball and is the last defensive player to attempt to prevent the opposing team from scoring. If you are a catcher, you need pieces of equipment that offer a perfect combination of protection, comfort and mobility. The price of softball catchers gear can vary greatly. Generally, however, the most expensive softball catcher gear will be made of lighter and more comfortable materials, and will have better energy-absorbing technologies with superior protection capabilities. The choice of your equipment will also depend on the level you play and the frequency of use.

best softball catchers gear

Although new technologies are constantly being developed to meet the needs of catcher at all levels, equipment can only be effective if it is well adjusted. If it’s not adjusted properly, it will not protect you. Never buy the biggest softball catcher gear in anticipation of the fact that you will grow. If the softball catcher gear is too large, it will move on the player, increasing the risk of injury.

Here are the main pieces of softball catcher gear, followed by some tips about their adjustments: Helmet, Plastron, Shin Guards / Legwarmers, Catcher glove, Stud shoes.


The head is the most important part of the body to protect. For maximum comfort and protection, the helmet must be lightweight, breathable, moisture-wicking and padded at the forehead, jaw and temples. It is also possible to add additional protective pieces for the throat that will suffice to attach to the helmet.

There are basically two styles of catcher helmets: hockey helmet-style helmets and traditional helmets.


Designed to provide protection against ricochets and missed catches, the chest protector has a molded padding that fits the body of the catcher and attaches with adjustable straps at the back. The chest piece should be lightweight to provide maximum mobility and should absorb shocks to effectively cushion the ball after a failed throw.

Shin Guards / Legwarmers

To protect the legs and feet against the ball and against the crampons of the opposing players in the race towards the marble, the catcher must wear a pair of leggings. These will include double or triple knee pads to provide superior protection as well as toe guards that cover the front of the foot and ankle to protect the catcher from false balls. It is important that the leg pads have moisture-wicking liners to keep your legs and knees dry. Knee support pads can be attached to the back of the leg pads to reduce pressure on the knees in a squat position. This piece of equipment is highly recommended because it will allow the catcher to play more comfortably, longer.

Catcher glove

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The catcher’s glove is intended exclusively for the catcher. It is generously padded and features a large oval shaped pocket that allows the player to catch and release the ball quickly. His fingers are not separated as is the case for gloves of other positions and, being more rigid, it will take more time to soften.

The glove must be properly adjusted so that it does not come out easily from the catcher’s hand but should not be too large, otherwise the catcher will have difficulty closing the glove, even when it is softened.

Types of crampon

All players in the field need good traction to accelerate, turn and perform better. Due to varying weather conditions and league standards, there are several varieties of studded shoes: molded rubber or plastic crampons, synthetic turf spikes, interchangeable cleats and metal cleats.

Types of shoes

The catcher position is both very demanding and exhausting. To crouch, the catcher must constantly have the ankles flexed. It is therefore important that they have adequate support and foot protection. Raised shoes offer extra protection to the ankles against bad throws and balls on the ground. The shoe must be breathable and padded around the ankle, without, however, affecting the mobility of the joint.

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