Basic Understanding Of Golf GPS Watch

Inspired by the world of running, golf GPS watches perfectly fit the phenomenon of self-quantified and the trend of smartwatches. These technological jewelry is no longer only the prerogative of high-level athletes, but they are also slowly but surely around the wrists of many sportsmen on Sunday.

What is the utility of a GPS watch for golf?

garmin approach s20 golf gps watch

It combines the simplicity and precision of a watch with GPS technology. Approach the tee with your wrist watch, it will automatically locate the course on which you are and the hole played. It will give you the entry, middle and bottom distances of green. Some advanced devices even feature the most innovative features of each other.

Passionate about golf, what golf GPS watch to choose?

New golf enthusiast or passionate and expert since a few years ago watches known as “smart watch” dedicated to the practice of GOLF, these watches can offer you a great help for your golf courses of the weekend. Indeed the golf GPS watches offer their users in addition to their precise location, management of game statics.

What are the features of a golf GPS watch?

The golf GPS watches offer different features depending on their price range, indeed prices can range from a hundred to more than 500 euros.

The key function of these GPS devices is to give you in real time the geolocation of the user but also and of course the distances relevant to a golfer in full course like:

The distance between the middle and the bottom of the green

The distance that separates you from a certain obstacle.

The distance between you and the green.

Usually the devices have already pre-installed a large number of golf courses throughout France and abroad. The watches are permanently connected with the nearest GPS satellite to ensure a fast and accurate position.

The objective of these watches is to play the role of your dedicated golf caddy and always with you during your 18 holes.

What criteria should you follow to choose a golf GPS watch?

Precision Pro Golf Gps Band

The purchase of a golf GPS watch dedicated to golf, is not an innocuous act, indeed there are a lot of model and brand that are available on the internet at very varied prices ranging from a hundred Euro and more than 600 € for the most upmarket models and which offers an exemplary finish both in materials used and in integrated features.

Before buying a golf GPS watch, we offer below the list of criteria to particularly take into account.

The initial installation of the watch is to be estimated, indeed some model are not the easiest to launch and install. Being golf enthusiast does not always mean geek or great technician so it is important to be able to use the watch as quickly as possible. The golf GPS watch must have a true ergonomics and an irreproachable design to facilitate its use

This companion accessory is placed on your handle and so it is important that you have quick access to your information as well as no discomfort to your handful.

Finally the price is of course to take into account it depends essentially on the number of golf courses pre integrated in the watch but also the level of precision of the GPS signal as well as the various features of statistical management.

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