3 Things To Prepare For Wade Fishing

3 Things To Prepare For Wade Fishing

Summer is the best period of fishing in a year. When river water drops, waders will have opportunities for better fishing and more water.

Thus, now you should check your fishing gears are still in good conditions, whether they’re best breathable waders under 200 or over hundreds of dollars. Replacing faulty equipment or making repairs will save difficulties and time later.

The moment you walk into water isn’t the time you can find whether your waders and boots have cracks, leaks, or loose soles. Proper maintenance in the early season with new replacements will keep your fly fishing wading trip staying safe and catching more fish on the river.


1. Waders

The most important thing you should take much time to consider is buying the best waders fitting your budget and personal preferences.

    • They should be lasting longer, keeping you dry, and warming in the cold days.
    • It’s always better that you choose products from reliable and popular brands. Especially, high-quality chest waders are comfortable for waders during the year and increasing mobility for people who want to wade deeply in a steelhead run and go ice fishing in the winter.

No matter what type of waders you want, eventually you’ll find leaks on a good pair after a long time of use, accidental puncture, or common abuse. The hardest problem is finding tiny pinhole leaks but they’re easy to repair.

  • First, you should turn the inside out and spray rubbing alcohol on the general areas of leaks. When the alcohol works, you will find the leak turns dark. Use a sharpie to mark it and apply the aqua seal on it, then you have done the repair.
  • For fixing larger tears, you can do with a patch or send the waders to companies for the better repair.
  • Leaks in the area of wading boots are more difficult so you should also require the repair service or warranty repair.

2. Wading boots

Another important fishing gear for waders is wading boots. They offer stability and balance for your feet when you’re fishing in slick rocks and fast currents. If you want to wade all day or hike in a long time to reach the water, it’s extremely important that your boot with the transaction can support the durability and your comfort. Depending on the traction type you need, there are three main types of soles coming with boots: felt, rubber, or studded soles.

After a few fishing wading sessions, your wading boots will eventually become worse, so you need some techniques to repair.

  • When you find sidewall, heel cap or rubber toe peeling away from your boot, apply the shoe glue for the simple fix.
  • In the case, soles start peeling off, the repair is more difficult.
  • Apply liberally barge cement and clamp back the soles into the boot, then let the glue dry completely.
  • It’s better to carry extra boots and the repair kit.

3. Wading accessories

Professionals know benefits fishing accessories support to make the trip easier.

Wading staff

The wading staff is the best tool offering your balance and stability. It’s sturdy, light, and makes you cross the river safely. Even if you want to walk quickly, a good wading staff is a valuable support.

Guard socks

When water is shallow and warm enough to wade around safely, it’s difficult to beat wet wading. If you don’t wear guard socks, you can also enjoy funny the trip. Standard socks can’t be effective for hours in water and you feel extremely uncomfortable since the inside is all wet. The good guard socks protect your shins on rocky bottoms and support the precision fit, comfort, and durability.

Landing net

Many waders like carrying an inadequate landing net. The good product with a larger hoop and a long handle will help you get more fish than a tiny net clipping your vest back.

  • A mid-length net is a good option when you start from a small creek, a float tube, or a drift boat.
  • The larger net is invaluable and too bit to carry if you take a long walk.

With a good preparation for fishing wading trips, you can get better fishing experience on every journey. For the perfect catch, the last thing before you start going to the lake is realize checking all important equipment.

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