Rest In A Hammock On Vacation

Are you a hammock enthusiast, then, of course, you want the best hammock to take on holiday. It depends on the type of holiday here what is convenient. Treasure in any case also if your holiday location is possibilities to hang the hammock.

Are you a backpacker than a small Mexican hammock ideal. These roads are not much and fold up minuscule. Moreover, she is allowed to dry quickly. It’s unexpectedly wet in the rain also perfect for tropical temperatures by the woven open structure. You go by car to the campsite then there are more options. A Brazilian hammock is a good option.

On a boat seems a Mexican hammock again the ideal choice. Does not take much water and if it is wet, it is so dry.

Of course, you can not assume that your attachment points on your holiday address in the right away. What are they too close together then make the hammock shorter?

For the other case (points too far apart) always bring a few extra long ropes. With it, you can almost always somewhere to hang a hammock.

hanging hammock tips

Here Are Some Tips For Hanging A Hammock:

Hanging Hammock: Wall

Two walls are ideal for hanging a hammock between. A wall is usually firm and will improve comfort. If the hook is stable, the hammock will also be enjoyable. Unlike a hammock stand or smaller trees, walls do not move with you when you are rocking with your hammock.

Make sure that the wall is high enough; walls may be old or less firm. Also, make sure you use proper plugs for hanging the hammock on the wall. The screws should also deep enough worry. Our mounting kits are special plugs for walls.

Hanging Hammock Between Two Trees

sleeping hammock

You might also use tree straps to hang your hammock between 2 trees. By this way, you can enjoy your rest with natural wild and fresh air. But you need to make sure that you choose the right trees to hang your hammock. Also make sure that the place is safe enough to rest, avoid high humidity areas that are lots of mosquitoes.

Hanging Your Hammock Inside By Using A Stand

A lot of people like hanging a hammock in your garden, but using a stand to hang your hammock inside is a good idea as well, especially cold areas. With hammock hanging inside, you can control the temperatures, enjoy your nap with a private zone or watch TV if you like.

Hanging Hammock On The Balcony

If your balcony is long enough to hang the hammock, it is the perfect place to take a nap in a hammock.

Is this place small? No worry! Just using hammock chair to get a nice view. What you need are a hammock chair (that can be made by yourself), swivel and a place to hang it.

Put your hammock correctly and safely

A hammock is (mostly) made of cotton and therefore subject to weather conditions. It is therefore not wise to hang out in the hammock rain and inclement weather.


  • The hammock can dry further and possibly still wet and will not defend.
  • The tension wires (particularly the Mexican hammock) are not confused.
  • The chance that mice are there to go nest is smaller.

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