Super Simple Sundried Tomato Pasta Sauce

I love the flavor of sundried tomatoes. They’re slightly sweet with a bit of tang, and they add a lot of character to regular old marinara sauce. This recipe is super simple. Seriously. At its core, it only contains five ingredients. You can always add to the core recipe, and I usually do, but it’s delicious without any extras as well. Use this sauce over any pasta dish–spaghetti and meatballs, veggie lasagna, sweet sausage and mushroom penne, anything! I usually add some form of garlic to the sauce. I prefer whole roasted garlic cloves, but in a pinch, garlic powder will do. For those who don’t care for garlic, simply leave it out. If eggplant will be used in the pasta dish, I like to add some fresh thyme or rosemary. Marjoram is a great herb in tomato based sauces, as well. Use your imagination and add to it the flavors you like!

Tomato Pasta Sauce

Core Ingredients:

1 28oz. can of whole plum tomatoes (I buy them from Trader Joes)
1 package of sundried tomatoes
1 tbsp. dried basil
several tablespoons of olive oil
black pepper

Optional Ingredients:

Whole roasted garlic cloves or garlic powder, fresh thyme, rosemary, marjoram


In a blender, combine the whole plum tomatoes, ¾ package of sundried tomatoes, dried basil, and the olive oil. Blend until mostly smooth, but not entirely.

Place the contents of the blender in a pot along with the remainder of the sundried tomatoes (chop if they are whole) and the black pepper. Heat over medium-low heat and keep warm until the pasta dish is ready.

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