What To Look Over When Comparing Pregnancy Pillows

Not only is it important to know what kind of pregnancy pillow suits you, but there are also other things that play.


What is the filling of the nursing pillow?

There are different kinds of stuffing used by manufacturers to make as comfortable and supportive as possible the nursing pillow:

Styrofoam balls

You know them, those little white balls that are also in a beanbag. These are Styrofoam balls. These shots are mainly found in the cheaper food pillows. The power supply pads adapt quickly through the styrofoam balls to your body and body posture. Unfortunately, there are drawbacks to the polystyrene balls. For noise-sensitive mama: they make some noise when you move or turn around. Also paste the shots after a lot of use to each other, making the cushion quickly loses shape and support. Not just stick the balls to each other, but they are also charged with static electricity by friction.

Polyester filling

Polyester fibers are also commonly used in the ordinary pillows. It is often mixed with cotton to get a kind of wooly substance. It is soft and … does not sound! The composition of polyester ensures that the dust little crease and firm to the touch. This is dependent on some polyester fibers in the nursing pillow. Polyester is very popular with the moms but also has a downside. Polyester does not breathe like other types of fill (blown sweating).

Micro Beads

Microspheres are incredibly small balls, as big as a grain of sand (impressive huh!). Nutrition Pillows feel with microspheres as they are filled with, you guessed it, sand. So why not use just sand? Well, microspheres are unwise light so that you can take the pillow with you anywhere. The white spheres are filled with air, making them indentations less than Styrofoam balls. The microspheres also make virtually no noise, and they offer more support than Styrofoam balls.

Memory foam padding

Memory foam, also known as memory foam, is a material that can be pressed and then in about 5 seconds, again returns to the old form. You can find memory foam mattresses often. It is mainly used in food pads because it gives less pressure on individual body parts. It was initially even developed by NASA to relieve the pressure on the body during the launch of a rocket.

When the weight is once again on the pad, it returns to its original state. The power supply with memory foam pillows are very firm, but memory foam can not lose heat. Some manufacturers have a solution for this: they tear the memory foam first. As a result, the cushion can nevertheless lose to the heat.

Does pregnancy pillow have a removable cover?

Another benefit of being pregnant: hot nights! All thanks to those crazy hormones (thanks eh …). Attracts not only the sweat in your sheets, but you also need a nursing pillow to believe it.

Because the power supply pad is so large, it is not easy to wash. Dry cleaning is an option, but it costs once again a lot of money. Some manufacturers think along with us and sell slipcovers for feeding pillows. The slipcovers are machine washable so you can cuddle every night with a fresh pad. Many cases have even different colors and patterns so that the pillow also further suit the interior.

The covers are available with buttons (is sometimes irritating, because it takes a long time before they are all close once), a zipper or without closure. These last two are very popular because the covers quickly and easily close.

Does the nursing pillow make much noise?

This has already been discussed in the previous section. The sound of a pillow depends on the stuff that is in it. The sound I mean especially the creaking sound when you turn on a pillow. Sweating, a blow like that of a squirrel and hormones are plenty of ailments that you as a future mom wakes up. Let’s add that not also a creaking cushion. Look carefully at the filling of the pillow at night to avoid disappointment.

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